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10n2 Technologies is a mobile device technology company who has developed software to prevent drivers from using their mobile phones while driving to help counter the current global distracted driving epidemic. This exciting new product can disable a drivers mobile/cell phones capabilities while the users are in a moving vehicle.


The key differentiators between 10n2 and its competitors is that the technology developed by 10n2 can differentiate between who is a driver and who is a passenger, thus allowing passengers to continue using their phone. The software cannot be manipulated or disabled by the end user without the knowledge of the administrator. It is distributed out via a Cloud Based Administration server which will allow companies/consumers to manage the various optional features available.


The issue of distracted driving is currently recognized throughout the globe as one of the major causes of road deaths and injuries and has received national airtime from Oprah Winfrey amongst others. Education about the dangers associated with messaging and driving is seen by road safety groups worldwide as an absolute necessity and awareness is increasing every day. Companies are becoming increasingly concerned about the safety of their drivers, liabilities, rising insurance costs and cost of claims. Parents have similar concerns about the safety of younger drivers.


Legislation is sweeping through individual states in the US to prohibit the practice of text messaging while driving, supported by the US Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood. In Europe, nearly all countries have banned the practice with only a handful remaining and even these are expected to follow shortly. Police enforcement of the new laws is, however, proving extremely difficult. 10n2s unique technology helps resolves this issue through directly disabling capabilities of the mobile/cell phones of companies or individuals.


10n2 Technologies wants to work in partnership with companies, individuals, mobile/cell phone operators, insurance companies, governments and all stakeholders to make our roads safer for all…

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