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First Communications

First Communications is a leading integrated telecommunications carrier in the Midwestern United States. Founded in 1998, First Communications has built a highly scalable telecommunications platform, infrastructure and support system, which represents a combination of world-class technology, and cutting-edge product offerings. First Communications has over 214,000 customers and owns and operates network comprised of 4,500 route miles of fiber which offers industry leading low latency metro and long haul routes unique to most other carriers. First Communications is led by a strong management team that has operated telecom companies throughout all cycles of the telecommunications market.


First Communications Inc family of companies is First Communications, LLC, Globalcom, Inc dba First Communications, Xtension Services, Inc and First Telecom Services, LLC. First Communications LLC is authorized to provide local, private line, and/or long distance services to both business and residential customers in 49 states and holds domestic and international Section 214 authorizations from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Globalcom is a voice and data service provider primarily to small and medium sized business customers in the Chicagoland MSA. Xtension Services, Inc holds domestic and international Section 214 authorizations from the FCC and is authorized to provide long distance telecommunications services. First Telecom Services, LLC, a subsidiary of First Communications, is a telecommunications infrastructure development and management company which offers transport services over its own long haul fiber optic network.

Understanding the rapid advancements in technology, First Communications continues to offer manageable solutions for the growing SME market. Our customized communication spotlights what small businesses need to take their organization to the next level.


Customer Focus
First Communications continues to commit itself to its customers and recognizes that the success of a company largely depends on customer satisfaction. When calling into First Communications, you will be provided the best possible customer care experience. To ensure 24×7 network availability, First Communications Network Operations Center (NOC) employs a team of 24×7 switch engineers. We also have a team of field technicians that manages customer premise equipment installation and maintenance

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