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VOIP Services

The next generation of converged communication services: VOIP

Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) supports inbound and outbound calling on your data network giving you local, U.S. long distance, and international reach from your U.S. sites. With VOIP you gain the efficiency and economic benefits of network convergence for your organization using AT&T IP Flexible Reach® and AT&T Voice DNA® to serve the following means:

Corporate Networks

VoIP with VPN services help you maximize your networking investment by providing you with high quality voice communications that can seamlessly connect your entire enterprise.

Branch Offices

IP Telephony services give you the flexibility to deploy advanced features throughout the entire enterprise. Whether your employees are located at headquarters or a remote office, they can all benefit from the productivity enhancements of IP Telephony.

Remote Workers

Whether you have full-time, part-time or occasional remote workers, US Network will be providing services that support their needs with cost effective, feature rich options that allow them to be “always at their desk.”

Call Centers

As your call centers evolve to be IP-enabled, VOIP will evolve with you and provide critical services to help you gain new efficiencies and capabilities as you serve your customers.

Employee & Agent Tools